Infection Control

Infection Control

We take infection control extremely seriously at Community Health Centre and practice in accordance with the requirements of The Health and Social Care Act 2008 "Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance".

Infection Control Annual Statement

Please click below to download and read our Infection Control Annual Statement.

How you can Help

It is everyone's responsibility to curb the spread of infection. We have hand sanitizer dispensers for patient use and would ask that all patients use these upon entering Community Health Centre.
In addition, find below some useful information and resources.
Flu Season
Flu season starts every October, and flu vaccination is offered to all high risk groups. Read more about what flu is:
We often get asked about the children's nasal flu vaccine. Read more:
On our "Important Resources" page we have links to sites which explain about some of the ingredients in the flu vaccine.

Pneumococcal Vaccination

The pneumococcal vaccination is offered to all patients in high risk groups (e.g. diabetes, over 65 year olds).

Sexual Health / Contraception

HIV screening, chlamydia screening, long-acting contraceptive methods as well as general sexual health advice to prevent infection are offered throughout the year.

Travel Vaccinations

Preventing infection when you travel is very important. All patients are requested to book for travel vaccinations at least 8 weeks before their travel date. This gives you and us plenty of time to organise travel advice. The practice cannot accommodate for last minute travel health needs, and when this happens, we would sign post to an alternative travel clinic.

Sample Collection Process

If your GP or nurse has requested a sample, please ensure this is taken and dropped off at the Practice in the proper way.

  1. 1. You will be provided with a clean sample container and an adhesive bag. You may also be given a form - please bring this along with the sample.
  2. 2. You are requested to return all samples before 12pm where possible with your Name, Date of Birth, Date and Time clearly written on the sample bottle.

    3. We cannot collect stool or sputum samples in the afternoon.

    4. On returning the sample you are requested to report to reception and place your sample in the collection box (in a disposable "J-Tray" which will be provided).

    5.We will only accept urine samples if they have been requested by Reception staff, a GP or a nurse. All samples left which we have not requested will not be tested.


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